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University of Geneva
<a href="http://www.unige.ch/cabe/tercier">http://www.unige.ch/cabe/tercier</a><br><a href="http://www.unige.ch/sciences/chimie/?enseignants/nardin_fr.php">http://www.unige.ch/sciences/chimie/?enseignants/nardin_fr.php</a>

Specialist in the development of innovative electrochemical sensors (bioanalogical sensors, solid state ion-selective membrane sensors), (bio)-polymer functional immobilization, mini-/micro- integrated analytical systems and analytical methodologies; and application of these tools for reagent-free, potentially calibration-free, in situ measurements of trace metal speciation and metal bioavailability, nutrients, species related to carbon cycles coupled to master bio-physicochemical parameters.


<a href="mailto:Marie-Louise.Tercier@unige.ch">Marie-Louise Tercier Waeber</a><br><a href="mailto:corinne.nardin@unige.ch">Corinne Nardin</a>

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Idronaut S.r.l.
<a href="http://www.idronaut.it">http://www.idronaut.it</a>

IDRONAUT is a world leader in the design, manufacturing and support of high-performance and innovative oceanographic sensors and instrumentation, with particular attention to CTD multiparameter probes and sensors (Pressure, Temperature, Conductivity, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, ORP). IDRONAUT is also specialist in the development of underwater instrumentation regarding analytical measurements, data acquisition and transmission under extreme conditions.


<a href="mailto:idronaut@idronaut.it">Mr Flavio Graziottin – Technical Director</a><br><a href="mailto:idronaut@idronaut.it">Mr Fabio Confalonieri – Firmware & Software Manager</a>

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University of Ulm
<a href="http://www.uni-ulm.de">http://www.uni-ulm.de</a>

Specialist in the development of mid-infrared spectroscopic sensing methodology and technology for the detection of volatile organic constituents (VOCs) in liquid and gas phase, optochemical sensors for aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbons, optical submersible probes, deep sea spectroscopy, and applications of optochemical sensors for in-situ monitoring of organic hazards.


<a href="mailto:'boris.mizaikoff@uni-ulm.de'">Prof. Dr. Boris Mizaikoff</a>

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University of Graz
<a href="http://www.analytchem.tugraz.at">http://www.analytchem.tugraz.at</a>

The Sensor groups at TU GRAZ have a broad experience in optical sensing techniques, luminescence and photometric methods, and in the development of new sensors and applications in biotechnology, medical diagnostics, food and environmental analyses. Importantly, one of the focuses of the work is development and adaptation of the materials for application in marine science as demonstrated by numerous scientific collaborations with world-leading groups in marine biology (e.g. University of Copenhagen, University of Odense, University of Geneva) including the participation in the ERC Grant “Oxygen"


<a href="mailto:klimat@tugraz.at">Ingo Klimant</a><br><a href="mailto:g.mistlberger@gmail.com">Günter Mistlberger</a>

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École politechnique fédérale de Lausanne EPFL - SAMLAB
<a href="http://samlab.epfl.ch/">http://samlab.epfl.ch/</a>

SAMLAB has expertise in micro and nanotechnology with applications in Nanotools, BioMEMS, EnviroMEMS, and microfluidics. In the more than 30 years of existence of the group, multi-disciplinary research always plaid an important role. Experience directly related to the SCHEMA project: design and realization of potentiometric, amperometric and voltammetric microsensors, as well as micro-fluidic platforms for on-line sample treatment and sensor regeneration


<a href="mailto:marianna.fighera@epfl.ch">Marianna Fighera</a><br><a href="mailto:peter.vanderwal@epfl.ch">Peter van der Wal</a>

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<a href="http://www.nanomyp.com/">http://www.nanomyp.com</a>

Specialist in the design and synthesis of nano-, micro-particles, polymers, copolymers and smart material with tailored properties, and the manufacture of polymeric and hybrid nano and micro-materials by using electrohydrodynamic techniques (EHD; electrospinning and electrospray), as well as the development of projects for industry-wide scalability. nanoMyP also has adequate staff and facilities for processing materials and chemical microencapsulation by other techniques: spray-drying, dripping, micro-emulsion, coacervation or interfacial polymerization


<a href="mailto:avalero@nanomyp.com">Dr. Angel Valero (COO)</a><br><a href="mailto:jfernandez@nanomyp.com">Dr. Jorge F. Fernandez (CEO)</a>

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University of Bordeaux
<a href="http://www.univ-bordeaux.fr">http://www.univ-bordeaux.fr</a>

EPOC-TGM, University of Bordeaux is a research team (“Geochemical Transfers of Metals in Aquatic systems” - TGM) with outstanding, internationally recognized expertise on trace metal transport from continent-to-ocean. Their competences cover field and laboratory activities, such as: establishment of a permanent long-term observation network, identification of natural and anthropogenic metal sources, geochemical signatures and transport mechanisms, establishment and validation of mass balances, characterisation of trace metal behaviour in salinity and redox gradients, solid state partitioning in sediments, molecular speciation, bioaccumulation, oceanographic sampling/measurement campaigns


<a href="mailto:jorg.schafer@u-bordeaux.fr">Prof. Jörg Schäfer</a><br><a href="mailto:gerard.blanc@u-bordeaux.fr">Prof. Gérard Blanc</a><br><a href="mailto:alexandra.coynel@u-bordeaux.fr">Dr. Alexandra Coynel</a>

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ETT S.p.a.
<a href="http://www.ettsolutions.com">http://www.ettsolutions.com</a>

ETT is an Italian SME that provides software and ICT services. ETT specific expertise and core activity/business are: 1) e-Services, and in particular eGovernment (development of informative system for management and monitoring of labor market data and metadata), 2) Research and Innovation with a particular focus on ICT and new technologies/ biotechnologies for monitoring the Environment (e.g. costal and marine physical parameters) and Health evaluation (e.g. evaluation of the effects to chemical exposure); 3) Marine environmental monitoring: development of monitoring information system, decision making and management system (DSS, Decision Support System) for public authorities. Since 2003 ETT is ISO9001:2008 certified for design, development and maintenance of software services, software tools, database and web/portal design, development and maintenance.


<a href="mailto:antonio.novellino@ettsolutions.com">Antonio Novellino</a><br><a href="mailto:paolo.dangelo@ettsolutions.com">Paolo D'Angelo</a>

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<a href="http://www.distav.unige.it">http://www.distav.unige.it</a>

Specialist in research and support for the management and development of monitoring activities, environmental decision making and management of marine coastal and port areas, Web-based data service tool for management integrated environmental information, analysis of trace elements, speciation studies, analysis of micro-pollutants, analysis of chemical species in the marine ecosystem


<a href="mailto:povero@unige.it">Paolo Povero</a><br><a href="mailto:francesco.massa@unige.it">Francesco Massa</a>