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Public deliverables

The table below includes the list of the SCHeMA public deliverables. UNIGE is the lead partner on all these deliverables.

  • D1.1 - Implemented website with project information maintained by a content management system (CMS) - M6  download

  • D10.2 - First informational factsheet - M6 download

  • D10.3 - Updated informational factsheet - M19 download

  • D8.2 - Adaptation/improvement of laboratory based techniques - M24 download

  • D10.5 - Report by the early stage researchers - M36 download

  • D10.6 - Updated informational factsheet - M37 download

  • D9.1 - Report on demonstration activities and feedback - M46 download

  • D10.10 - Joint policy template - M46 download

  • D10.7 - Updated informational factsheet - M48 download

  • D10.8 - Report on dissemination participation on conference/organisation of conference sessions/workshop - M48 download

  • D10.9 - Report on the applicability of the SCHeMA chemical probes - M48 download