Genoa, Italy

5 April 2017

Demonstration Day

Goal and Scope

The SCHeMA Demonstration Day was held in Genoa, Italy on April 5th, 2017 at ARCO89 in Genoa harbour. On this occasion, the new sensors developed under the SCHeMA project have been shown and presented to selected end-users. Fifteen invited persons were present belonging to different Ligurian SMEs and Institution and environmental agencies (ARPAL - Regional Agency for the Protection of the Environment in Liguria, INGV – National Institution of Geophysics and Volcanology, IREN group – Water and Gas SME, SEPG s.r.l. – Ecological Services for Genoa Harbour SME, MPA Portofino and REMARE - network of Ligurian MPAs, DISTAV – University of Genoa) together with some environmental science students.

After a general overview on the SCHeMA project and the single sensors presented by the project coordinator and the WP9 leader, the end-users was invited on R/V MASO to have a closer look of the single probes and modules to better understand their functioning and advantages compared with the classic sampling techniques and laboratory analyses.

The SWE standard implementation for communication data used by the SCHeMA integrated system was also explained. These demonstration activities were held by UNIGE, ETT, UBX, UNIGe-IT researchers.

Programme and Schedule

11.00 - Participants arrival

11.15 - Brief overview of the project objectives and main achievements (Mary-Lou Tercier-Waeber - UNIGE, Paolo Povero - UNIGe-IT)

11.25 - Presentation of the individual sensing probes for simultaneous monitoring of a range of trace metals (TMSM: Abra Penezic, Mary-Lou Tercier-Waeber – UNIGE); nutrients and species relevant to the carbon cycle (NCSM: Maria Cuartero Botia, Nadja Pankratova - UNIGE)

12.00 - Presentation of the approach for complementary measurements and sensor validation using classical laboratory techniques (Charlotte Catrouillet, Teba Gil Diaz – UBx; Michela Castellano, Cristiana Mirasole – UNIGe-IT) 

12.15 - Presentation of the web data portal and communication infrastructure (Paolo D'Angelo - ETT)

12.30 - Informal meetings

The SCheMA project overview presentation is available here.
Further information in the Arco89 webpage at: (Italian only)