SCHeMA Data portal

The main objective of the SCHeMA Data Portal is to make available information on the geographical position, attributes and data of all the tests carried out during the SCHeMA Project. The portal will allow users to view, query and download data and metadata from all the probes developed and tested in the project. It will provide access to data that has been harmonised into interoperable formats (OGC standards).

The SCHeMA Data Portal infrastructure is modelled implementing the Sensor Observing System (SOS v.1.0) standards in order to provide easy access and full interoperability with other systems and sensors. Users can view, query, and download datasets or subsets of them, via web GIS. Metadata are also available for download.  

The SCHeMA Data Portal provides different way to access its public data and metadata (login requested for private information):

The data can also be accessed through a mobile application specifically design for the SCHeMA project. The zipped apk of the application can be downloaded directly from the SCHeMA website clicking on the image:




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